Strandmøllen receives investment support for hydrogen production in Sweden

Strandmøllen has been granted investment support by Klimatklivet for the construction of a 2 MW plant for hydrogen production in Ljungby, Småland. The plant is expected to be operational in the autumn of 2023.

Klimatklivet’s investment support is aimed at local and regional arrangements that reduce CO2 emissions and other gases that affect the climate, and is supported by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

The support enables Strandmøllen’s participation towards a greener future with a new hydrogen project focusing on heavy vehichles. The goal for Strandmøllen is to become a leader in Swedish hydrogen production.

Strandmøllens hydrogen project in Sweden is unique in the sense that most synergy effects have been coordinated to ensure the demand for hydrogen even before production has started. Together with local actors, Strandmøllen is part of a local collaboration that aims to create a sustainable hydrogen cycle from both an economic and environmental perspective.

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