Welcome to Hydrogen Denmark

We are the Danish national hydrogen association. Our members represent the entire value chain for hydrogen and Power-to-X (PtX) in Denmark from research to end users. Our members produce technology and renewable energy for the production of green hydrogen, e-methanol and other electrofuels to be used in heavy duty transport, such as lorries and ships. 

Our vision is to be a part of creating a CO2-neutral Denmark and our ambition is to make Denmark a leading partner in the global hydrogen and PtX-sectors.

Our English website is a very condensed version of our Danish website. Should you lack information, please feel free to browse the Danish site or contact our team.

DK kort - lilla-mint

Danish Hydrogen Data

Hydrogen Denmark has created Danish Hydrogen Data, a comprehensive overview of all hydrogen and PtX-projects and their status in Denmark.


Our international partners

Hydrogen Denmark has a large number of international partners, with whom we cooperate and collaborate to promote the use of hydrogen and hydrogen across the Nordics, Europe and on an international level.