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Hydrogen Denmark brings together all hydrogen and Power-to-X (PtX) stakeholders in Denmark. We are a business organization, and represent the entire value chain from research to business, and from the production of renewable energy and energy technology such as fuel cells and electrolysis, to the use of hydrogen, methanol, ammonia and other electrofuels in the transport sector.

Our members together form a network that spans all parts of the industry. Our members consist primarily of companies but also research institutions, public institutions and network organizations. They all work with hydrogen, electrolysis and fuel cells in connection with the transport, energy storage or production of green fuels.

As a member of Hydrogen Denmark, you become part of this network, you have an influence on the work of Hydrogen Denmark and can at the same time draw on the secretariat’s expertise. You also get access to Hydrogen Denmark’s weekly newsletter, which ensures insight into the latest initiatives, legislation, political development, technology and production – both in Denmark and internationally.

Member portraits

In Hydrogen Denmark, we are proud of our members, who on a daily basis make the green transition happen. That is why we have created the series ‘Member portraits’, where we highlight the members’ work with hydrogen and Power-to-X technologies for the benefit of both climate, employment and Danish exports.

International partners

In addition to the national work in Denmark, Hydrogen Denmark also supports members’ interests internationally. This is done primarily through the hydrogen and fuel cell industry’s European organization, Hydrogen Europe, of which Hydrogen Denmark is a member and where the focus is on the EU’s energy, climate and business policy.

Additionally, Hydrogen Denmark participates in a number of international collaborations. These include the Nordic Hydrogen Partnership (formerly Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership) and a MoU (memorandum of understanding) with the Baltic Sea Region and a MoU with H2Korea. Finally, Hydrogen Denmark has bilateral collaborations with a number of foreign organizations and a specially formalized collaboration with the Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association.