Siemens Gamesa wins sustainability award

hi Tech & Industry Scandinavia has again this year focused on sustainability by highlighting companies that make a special effort to develop and integrate environmentally friendly initiatives. The company with the best initiative is awarded the ‘hi Sustainable Development Award’ – an award based on the UN’s 17 World Goals for Sustainable Development. On the 6th of October, the award was given to Hydrogen Denmark’s member Siemens Gamesa.

Siemens Gamesa’s award of the prize is due to the hydrogen plantBrande Brint, which has been established in collaboration with Hydrogen Denmark’s members Everfuel and Green Hydrogen Systems.

Siemens Gamesa was nominated for the award “for having, together with local partners, established the world’s first and largest hydrogen plant: ‘Brande Brint’, which can help to shift heavy transport from black to green.”

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