On 9 August, the UN Panel on Climate Change, IPPC, presented its 6th report on the state of the planet, and the conclusions are gruesome: We are close to a man-made turning point, where global warming will exceed the 1.5 degrees agreed in the Paris Agreement with catastrophic consequences for the climate.

We must therefore increase the speed towards a zero-emission society, and must not hesitate any longer to implement what it takes to get there. In the video, the CEO of Hydrogen Denmark, Tejs Laustsen Jensen, tells how hydrogen and PtX can help slow down and reduce the severe, negative climate development that the IPCC describes in their report. We need significantly more renewable energy, and the incorporation of hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels into the energy and transport sectors and into industry. Every ton of CO2 reduction counts, and it must be now.

Tejs Laustsen Jensen says: “It’s about that we need much more green hydrogen in the industrial and transport sectors. The hydrogen must be produced on the basis of renewable energy. What we need to do is: we need to use a lot more wind and a lot more sun, and in the second step we need to start converting that energy into hydrogen so that we can store it and so we can use it in sectors that otherwise are difficult to make green. ”

Watch the full video where the CEO of Hydrogen Denmark comments on the IPCC’s report here.