Hydrogen Denmark’s director, Tejs Laustsen Jensen, emphasizes the importance of Denmark’s efforts in the global climate fight in a column posted on Energy Supply’s website. With the finding from IPCC that climate change is man-made and far more serious than first assumed, the forthcoming hydrogen and PtX strategy is not only crucial for the Danish climate objectives, but will also be able to form the framework for the largest possible Danish contribution to the globale climate fight.

Among other things, the hydrogen director writes in the column that “the rest of the world has opened its eyes to the potentials that the existing Danish hydrogen and PtX industry has been shouting about for years. Potentials that are not only about emission reductions and green conversions, but which are just as much about a new industrial adventure. Therefore, it is crucial that the forthcoming hydrogen and PtX strategy creates the best possible framework for a rapidly evolving industry.”

Read the whole column, which emphasizes the importance of green hydrogen and PtX’s role in global climate efforts, here.