ClusterNortH2-projektet, which Hydrogen Denmark’s members Evida, GreenLab, Eurowind and Gas Storage Denmark are a part of, has published a new report. The project has investigated the benefits that may be associated with piped hydrogen infrastructure and storage, and the first results are now ready. They point out that it is technically possible and will cost DKK 1.3-2 to transport 1 kg of hydrogen in a 170 km continuous hydrogen infrastructure in central and northern Jutland. More specifically, it has been investigated how hydrogen production from the area around Mariager Fjord and Greenlab Skive can be connected to a hydrogen storage around Lille Torup and a hydrogen consumption in Greenlab Skive and Aalborg.

The hydrogen infrastructure will benefit both companies that own and operate renewable parks, as well as PtX players that have their own production and consumption of hydrogen. When renewable electricity is available and electricity prices are low, it will be possible to redirect the electricity from wind turbines and solar cells to an electrolysis plant instead of to the electricity grid. At the same time, the electrolysis system can relieve the electricity grid by using power from the electricity grid when the electricity system needs it. For PtX players, this reduces the need to match and balance own production with consumption.

“For the past eight years, we have handled the decentralized energy sources that biogas plants are. And we expect to see the same decentralized development within the green gases of the future, where, for example, hydrogen clusters and CO2 clusters will sprout around the country with an expected need for transport between these. We therefore build on our knowledge and experience from biogas when we look at the transport of hydrogen. And we are pleased to share this knowledge through the collaboration in ClusterNortH2 and note that the project’s first analysis indicates that piped hydrogen infrastructure may be attractive to future PtX players in Denmark,” says Strategy and Development Director Peter Kristensen, Evida.

Read more about ClusterNortH2 and piped hydrogen transport at Evida here.