Hydrogen Denmark is an association that organises all stakeholders in the field of hydrogen and fuel cells. For the past 15 years we have represented a vast variety of members each of whom are widely recognised for their expertise. Denmark has always been one of the world’s leading champions of sustainability and innovative energy solutions. The Danish commitment to renewable energy has paved the way for hydrogen and fuel cell technologies as the natural next step in the green transition.

All of our members are dedicated to contributing to a world independent of fossil fuels. A world in which eco­nomic and technological growth are not at the expense of the climate, and where breathing non-polluted air is a birth right. The potential for business, jobs and export in the hydrogen and fuel cell technologies is tre­mendous.

Hydrogen Denmark serves as a partner in the efforts of our members as well as an active partner in several na­tional and international projects. We are the gateway to hydrogen and fuel cells in Denmark. The organisation consists of a handful of dedicated employees with great knowledge of all the links in the hydrogen value chain that our members represent.

A large part of our day to day work is providing knowledge and input to both local and national authorities. We are consulted by municipality and government officials in matters of energy policy, transport and specific initia­tives to further the green transition. Strong communications efforts and a clear message is pivotal in our work.


We gather around 30 members including companies, research institutions, and network organizations.

Our members work with all aspects of hydrogen and fuel cells and represent a wide range of knowledge and products within this field such as storage, electrolysis, electro fuels and green fuels, fuel cell systems and components, power2gas and much more.
International Outlook and European and Nordic Cooperation

Hydrogen Denmark cooperates closely with our neighboring countries and we keep an international outlook to endorse the use of hydrogen solutions in future technologies. Hydrogen Denmark is a member of the European Hydrogen Association, Hydrogen Europe and part of the Nordic Hydrogen Community through Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership.

We are also involved in several projects, currently: