The hydrogen and wind industry: There is a need for basic principles in the Danish Power-to-X strategy

The CEO of Hydrogen Denmark, Tejs Laustsen Jensen, and the CEO of Wind Denmark, Jan Serup Hylleberg, write in a debate post in Altinget that “for the Power-to-X projects to realise their enormous potential, it is crucial that we get a strategy that can set the framework and ambitions for Power-to-X in Denmark, just as we see several of European neighbors have done”.

The Power-to-X alliance, which is a strategic collaboration between Hydrogen Denmark and Wind Denmark, lists four basic principles that should be part of the Danish PtX strategy:

  1. Encouraging the use of Power-to-X, which contributes to the 70 percent target.
  2. Export of Power-to-X is crucial for Danish competitiveness.
  3. The regulatory framework and infrastructure must be in place.
  4. The expansion of sustainable energy must be accelerated to have sufficient green power for Power-to-X.

Read the entire debate post about Denmark’s upcoming PtX strategy here.