Denmark has signed an agreement with the United States, the purpose of which is to strengthen the two countries’ cooperation on green energy. Climate Minister Dan Jørgensen writes in a Instagram post that he is proud of this collaboration. The agreement is part of the US work for their green energy and hydrogen program, the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Energy Earthshot Initiative.

The US Secretary of Energy, Jennifer M. Granholm, launched the program on June 7 to accelerate the results of more affordable and reliable green energy solutions. The first part of the program is Hydrogen Shot, which aims to reduce the price of green hydrogen by 80% within a decade, so that the price drops to $ 1 per kilogram. Achieving these goals will help the US to tackle the climate crisis and more quickly achieve the Biden-Harris administration’s goal of energy neutrality by 2050, while creating well-paid jobs.

Secretary Granholm emphasizes the importance of green hydrogen as part of achieving the climate goals: “First up: Hydrogen Shot, which sets an ambitious yet achievable cost target to accelerate innovations and spur demand of clean hydrogen. Clean hydrogen is a game changer. It will help decarbonize high-polluting heavy-duty and industrial sectors, while delivering good-paying clean energy jobs and realizing a net-zero economy by 2050.”

Hydrogen Shot establishes a framwork and foundation for the implementation of green hydrogen in the US job plan, which includes support for demonstration projects. Industries have begun implementing green hydrogen to reduce emissions, but there are still obstacles to large-scale implementation; currently green hydrogen costs around $ 5 per kg. By achieving Hydrogen Shot’s 80% reduction target, a fivefold increase in demand can be unlocked. This will create more green energy jobs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and allow the US to compete in the global green energy market.

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