Energinet has given a commitment to Everfuel’s request for a 350 MW power connection for phase II of the HySynergy PtX plant in Fredericia.

The 20 MW electrolysis plant that is part of phase I is currently under construction and is planned to be scaled up to 300 MW by 2025. Moving towards the approval of the connection of a 350 MW power connection to a nearby 150 kV transformer station is an important step in the realization of phase II.

The flexibility of the PtX systems gives Energinet new opportunities for how the network should be balanced. During periods whn the PtX plant is running at full load and if a grid fault occurs, the system can be reduced almost immediately and free up the network’s reserve capacity and avoid any grid overloads. This is an obvious tool for Energinet to operate the grid during and after the transition to 100% renewable energy.

“The undertaking of the 350MW power connection to HySynergy Phase II is an exciting next step in materializing the PtX ambitions in Denmark. The Danish Government’s new PtX strategy requires substantial investments in the grid infrastructure, but we are pleased with Energinet’s screening report stating that the grid will be ready for connecting the 350MW. Once the PtX plant is operational it will contribute considerably to better utilize the Danish renewable energy resources,” says Everfuel’s CTO, Uffe Borup.

The grid connection is expected to be operational by the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025, which coincides with the time of the electrolysis installation in the second phase of the project.

Read Everfuel’s press release here.

About HySynergy
The project HySynergy 2.0: 300 MW PtX, which is represented by Hydrogen Denmark’s member Everfuel, will build a 300 MW electrolysis plant where green hydrogen is produced, which will replace the fossil hydrogen currently used in the Crossbridge Energy refinery. Another part of the hydrogen will be used for heavy transport. For the first time, green hydrogen production is linked directly to industrial use, a link that is considered extremely important in the EU, as many of our neighboring countries are looking for effective ways to decarbonise heavy industry.