We are pleased to announce that the 24-hour Hydrogen Challenge is coming to the Nordics 27-28 September this year, with start and finish in Copenhagen.

The 24-hour Hydrogen Challenge is an international event where teams with FCEV’s compete against each other by collecting as many points as possible during the 24 hours of driving. Hydrogen Denmark is communications partner for the 24-hour Hydrogen Challenge.

It is a strategic game in which every team is free to travel their own route. Points are given for distance driven, refuelings, border crossings and other special assignments.

The first Nordic edition

After successful editions in both the Netherlands and Germany, the 24-hour Hydrogen Challenge team has now, by popular demand, decided to organize a Nordic edition in the fall of 2021.

Arjan de Putter, founder of 24 hour Waterstof Challenge, says: “The event wants to show the world the possibilities of driving on hydrogen and offers great chances for networking or very good team building.”

Wim Peels, general manager of the 24-hour Waterstof Challenge: “We look forward to bringing this experience to the Nordics.”

The start will take place in Copenhagen. From there participating teams are free to take any route you want. Teams can drive to Norway via Sweden, they can take on the challenge of visiting the northernmost hydrogen refueling station in Europe (Umea, Sweden), but it is also possible to choose to visit all Danish hydrogen stations or dive into an exciting trip through Germany or even Holland! As long as the teams make sure to be back in Copenhagen exactly 24 hours later!

We are looking for teams and sponsors

We are looking for teams that would like to join the Nordic edition. The event is open to all with an interest in hydrogen mobility or other hydrogen solutions and you can register via the website: The 24-hour Hydrogen Challenges hjemmeside.

Want to know more?

Watch the videos of the past editions for more information on the website or read the brochure. If you would like to know more about the possibilities to partner, please contact us via info@hydrogenchallenge.eu.

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