The VILLUM FOUNDATION grants DKK 20 mio. to GreenLab Skive over a three-year period. The purpose is to strengthen the research collaboration between GreenLab Skive and a number of Danish Universities, led by DTU. The research is aimed at providing smart green energy solutions that will hopefully be scaled up for both national and international initiatives.

The grant is based on a strategic collaboration agreement that DTU and GreenLab Skive entered into in February this year, whose ambituon is to create both educational activities and several joint national and international research, innovation and demonstration projects with pivotal point in Skive. The grant will intensify the work by intelligently linking sustainable energy production with distribution, storage and consumption.

GreenLab Skive connects the industrial park’s companies, facilities and infrastructure, where excess energy and resources are shared and utilized optimally. Such a sectoral link is necessary to achieve the climate goals.

”The new grant from the VILLUM FOUNDATION makes it possible to accelerate GreenLab’s research program. The collaboration with the Danish Universities is the engine that will ensure that GreenLab’s green solutions can be scaled. We have a concept that can be repeated all over the world and open the door to a new green export adventure. The collaboration with the universities is crucial for the plan to bring the technologies from demonstration on a large scale,” says GreenLab Skive’s CEO, Christopher Sorensen.

DTU and GreenLab Skive are already collaboratin on e.g. energy storage and PtX, which can replace fossil energy in heavy transport and industry. With GreenLab Skive’s approval as a regulatory test zone, it has also recently become possible to test new technologies and innovative business models in practice with the aim of alleviating the congested electricity grid and ensuring a faster green transition.

Read more on GreenLab Skive’s website here.